Matching Gift Program Search

Matching Gift Program Search

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match contributions made to USTC (via USTCIF)  by their employees. To find out if your or your spouse’s company has a matching gift program, please enter the employer's name below.

If your or your spouse’s company has a matching gift program, please fill a matching gift form from the company and send us the completed form with or following your gift. If the employer uses an online matching gift site, please send your gift to us and visit the company’s website to request that a matching gift be made.

If you have questions about matching gift programs, please contact USTCIF by email.

you can double the impact of your contribution to USTC!

Please find employer name here and check the guidelines:

Note: We are updating the "Matching Gift Company Information and Guidelines" pages for each employer starting from Nov,2015. We appreciate your patience! Please contact us if you can help us to put USTCIF in your company's match gift list.

USTCIF's EIN(Employer Identification Number,Tax ID): 27-4542683
Tip:When searching with the EIN, please try 27-4542683 or 274542683.

Instructions on how to obtain match gift: We are updating templates as match gift instructions on Harvard University's webpage. Before the job is done, you can also go the Harvard's page and follow the instruction to obtain match gift.

Companies that will NOT match USTCIF

Please find employer name here which will NOT match donations to USTCIF and check the reasons:

Companies that have no matching gift programs

Please find employer name here which has no matching gift program:

Note: Companies may change their policies. We appreciate a lot if USTCers inform USTCIF the policy changes. Email:.